Back on the Blog

It has been over a year since a post.  I have finished some mile stones and now have some extra time to document my training.  SInce my post, I have continues to train for strength and endurance.  I have made some good strength gains and completed a local road marathon on my usually low running milage.

I have some large goals for the year and have been trying to find a good way to document them.  More to follow


December 19 - 24 Training

Monday - Run planned that did not happen

Tuesday - Upper Body Strength Training

              Floor Press - ( bodyweight x max reps ) 175x8, 175x6, 175x8, 175x7

              Pull Ups - 12, 10,10,10

              Ring Dips - ( with 3 second static holds top/bottom ) 7,4,4 ( got weak real quick )

            Weighted Close Grip Pushups - 30 pounds x 15, x8

Friday - Trail Run 4.4 miles in 49:00   Ran hard and fast up and down hill.  Its fun attacking hills and technical sections of trail knowing that I do not have to run for 3 more hours.  Fast technical trail running is very fun!

Saturday - Lower Body Strength Training

                 Thruster - 95x5, 95x5, 95x5, 95x5, 95x5

                 KB front squats # 35's - 12, 12, 12

                 Strict Deadlifts  - 185x5, 205x5 ( working on better form which equals less weight )

                KB windmills 2x5 with # 35

                KB Pass Between the Legs 2x25 with # 55

Not a great week of train but acceptable with the work and holiday schedule.  My plan is unfolding for the upcoming year and it is always exciting to watch it unfold or for me to keep changing it.  Next week should be almost on track and then the following I should be there..............


December 11-16

Great week of training

Monday - 3.5 mile run with 2@ 8:45 pace.

Tuesday - Worked up to 1RM on Power Clean - 115x4, 135x4, 155x2, 165x1, 1745x1
                  Hand Stand Pushups - 6,5,5,5
                 Dips with 20 lb weight vest - 8,8,8,8
                 King Pullups - 5,5,5
                 KB Snatch # 55 10:00 minuets total 60 reps

Wednesday- Light core work, abs and bridging.
                    KB windmill core exercise and Jumping Muscle ups

Thursday - Run 2.5 miles with 4x400m (1:45) average split

Friday - Power Snatch to Over head Squat - 65x8, 95x3, 95x3, 95x3
             1 Leg Squats (pistole) - 5, 4, 3, 3 Left and right leg all unassisted. Then did one set of 11 left
             and right leg assisted
            KB swings # 55 3x20


New Programing New Direction

It seems I just do not have time to update my Blog daily.  Since I train at least 4-5 days a week, I barely have time to do that.  I will be tracking my training in notebooks like before and trying to update my blog weekly.

I am cutting the miles way back until September 2012 and focus on shorter faster running in addition to more strength training.  Other priorities have to take the place of long runs until next fall.  Hope to be in a place to start a train up for a major race in 2013.

I am not sure if anyone reads this blog or gets any motivation from it as I get from others I read but at least it motivates me.

Looking forward to a strong/fast 2012. More to follow.......................


November 22 Strength Training

15 foot rope climb x 5 ( 4.5 were arms only, got tired and used legs on the last)

Explosive Pullups with a 5 second hold at the top (with 20 lb weight vest) 3x5

Inverted Ring Rows - 3x10

Hand stand Push ups - 3 x 6-10

Ring Dips - 10, 10

Finisher: Over Head KB throw (55 lb) x 5
               Lateral Medicine Ball Throws ( 20 lb ) 10 left and 10 right
               Standing sled pull 135 lb x 100 feet


November 20th Light Strength Training

Flat Bent Leg raises - 3x30

Straight Bridge - 2x20

Hand Stand Holds - 1:00 x2

Pistol progression

KB snatch # 35 and # 55 - 5:00/ 50 reps

Mobility work on the roller

November 19th Strength Training

Warm up with pushups

Press # 95 5x4

Ring Pullups (with false grip) 3x3

Dips with 25 lb weight belt 3x5

Pull ups / Hand Stand Push Ups Superset - 4x4

Strength still feels off.  In that recovery window but improving.  Next week really going to open it up